I am a Research Fellow in human-machine cooperation and interface design. I am interested in how safety-critical decision making takes place in complex human-machine teaming environments. My current work addresses virtual assistants in automated vehicles, public perceptions of automated vehicles and human-swarm teaming in UAV operations.

I work in the Trustworthy in Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS-hub), led by Prof. Sarvapali D. (Gopal) Ramchurn, investigating how autonomous systems can operate to benefit, rather than harm society, and in doing so facilitate appropriate trust.

I have a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Southampton – Human Factors Engineering Team.

Latest from the Blog

Out now – Human-Automation Interaction Design: Developing a Vehicle Automation Assistant

I am really pleased to announce that our book is available to the public in both hardcover and electronic copy. This book tackles fundamental issues in human-automation interaction for vehicles that will distribute control and responsibility between driver and automated system. We have laid out the book into four distinct sections covering scoping activities, pilotContinue reading “Out now – Human-Automation Interaction Design: Developing a Vehicle Automation Assistant”

Can interpersonal (human-to-human) communication inform the future of autonomous vehicles?

Imagine that you wake up and get ready for work. You exit your home and begin your commute in an autonomous vehicle. You are greeted by a virtual assistant, who asks you how you are feeling today, and where you’d like to travel. During this journey, both you and the autonomous vehicle are expected toContinue reading “Can interpersonal (human-to-human) communication inform the future of autonomous vehicles?”

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